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Proudly serving the highest quality of coffee and espresso since 2004. Outstanding customer service and friendly, knowledgeable baristas.


Spring Drinks

raspberry caramel latte

one of our most popular — raspberry and caramel flavors mixed with espresso and milk

cadbury mocha

ghiradelli milk chocolate with real rich caramel and marshmallow flavor mixed with espresso and creamy milk

matcha lavender

available year round…but a favorite this time of year - a traditional green tea latte paired with a lavender flavor

butterfinger mocha

ghiradelli milk chocolate paired with our favorite butterscotch flavor for a rich twist on the candybar

blackberry crumble latte

a delicious blackberry flavor with just a hint of almond for a mildly sweet treat

white chocolate chai

our classic vanilla chai mixed with ghiradelli white chocolate — another year round option that’s particularly favored this season. our suggestion - try it with blackberry!

cinnamon infused honey latte

creamy, cinnamon infused milk with real honey over top of espresso, great for those mornings that are just a lil chilly

raspberry chai

there’s nothing better than raspberry mixed with our classic vanilla chai



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