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Proudly serving the highest quality of coffee and espresso since 2004. Outstanding customer service and friendly, knowledgeable baristas.


House Favorites


white chocolate with caramel sauce, toasted marshmallow, espresso, & milk

white mocha mayhem

white chocolate with vanilla, espresso, & milk

caramel cream

caramel sauce with vanilla, espresso, & milk

snicker's mocha

chocolate with caramel sauce, hazelnut,  espresso, & milk

zebra mocha

a mix of chocolate and white chocolate with espresso & milk

graham cracker chai

vanilla chai with english toffee & a shot of espresso

cinnamon honey latte

espresso with cinnamon infused milk & raw honey


Seasonal Menu

lavender latte

a traditional latte made with espresso & milk with a touch of a sweet lavender flavor

coconut caramel latte

rich caramel and coconut flavors mixed with our smooth espresso and milk

the neapolitan

just like your favorite ice cream - chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry swirled together with espresso and milk

monkey's tail

a blended drink containing a little coffee, chocolate, hazelnut, and a real banana

strawberry shortcake

ghiradelli ground white chocolate with marshmallow and strawberry flavorings to create this summertime favorite : contains coffee

blackberry mocha

a seasonal favorite! espresso and milk paired with a ghiradelli ground milk chocolate and blackberry flavor

raspberry white mocha

ghiradelli ground white chocolate with raspberry flavoring mixed together with espresso and milk

blended strawberry lemonade

real fruit mixed with a house made lemonade blended together for a delicious refreshment for a summer day



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